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We are a consulting firm delivering brand and communication strategies to businesses and individuals on the African continent who are looking to stand out whilst doing things differently.


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We work in private, public and not-for-profit sectors with leaders who want to find their customers and reach them with relevant and compelling messages online and elsewhere.

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Communication Skills Training
Social Media Skills Training

We developed a great partnership with Brandbuilder, and their ability to creatively engage our staff in refashioning our vision and mission statements, as well as our values clearly depicts their commitment to customer satisfaction.
Dawn Properties
The fact that the #eyesontheprize campaign has been nominated for Social Media Campaign of the Year speaks volumes. Brandbuilder has revived the Zimbabwe Sables brand created a real live loyal following on platforms where the brand was previously fragmented and inconsistent
Zimbabwe Rugby Union
As a listed company it is imperative that we produce work of the highest standards, reflective of the trust that our stake holders place in us. When it comes to wordsmithery, we rely on Brandbuilder for a polished final product.
Old Mutual Zimbabwe
what we know about where we live

Curiosity is in and around us...

More than any other continent in the world, business leaders in Africa work with fewer resources, more uncertainty, weaker institutions and greater adversity.  In conditions like these, leaders need more creativity, better innovation and greater resilience in order to get more clarity.


We are on a mission...

We are out to build healthy African brands that can compete on a global stage because they add value, are unique and transparent, and deliver results.

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