Our Team

We’re the Branding and Communication experts who genuinely care about our clients. Our team is comprised of marketers, brand strategy experts, writers, content creators and PR specialists — all of whom are fully invested in the success of African businesses, NGOs and quasi-government entities.

BrandBuilder isn’t just another PR firm in Africa — it’s much more than that.

We are a brand communications and public relations company that takes the time to fully immerse itself in the operations of our clients. We develop authentic relationships with the people and organisations we serve, which is why our clients keep coming back.

We started BrandBuilder because of our unwavering devotion to the African narrative. We believe African businesses and brands have the potential to compete with the very best across Europe, North America and Asia.We are motivated by making the 21st century Africa’s century. We’re already one of the most respected PR and marketing companies in Africa — and that’s all because of the talented people who work tirelessly to drive African brands forward. Now it’s time to meet them!

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